How to become a Nija-Recharge Agent.

How to become a Nija-Recharge Agent.
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How to become a Nija-Recharge Agent.

Becoming an agent doesn't require too much formalities like other platforms. Though we do try to be thorough in our KYC requirements. Aside that, it would be a worthy opportunity for you to embark upon.

Basic Requirements to becoming an agent. 

  1. Fund your wallet with minimum of N10,000.00(this is money you use for your transaction/turnover, we are not keeping it).
  2. Must have made 25 referrals/ have a minimum accepted turnover on sales.
  3. Completed and return our agent form .

As an Agent you stand to gain the following:

  1. N100.00 discount on paying utility bills(GOTV, STARTIMES, PHCN AND DATA SUBSCRIPTION)charges.
  2. 10% Discount on Airtime and Data Purchase(we give one of the biggest discounts on airtime and data purchases)
  3. 1% bonus will accrue of every recharge/data purchased by your referrals.
  4. N200 bonus for any referral you make, the new customer also gets N200 bonus( imagine if as an agent you refer 1000 people you just made N200,000.00) . We are doing this to encourage you and boost your start up capital so you can succeed and make good profit while using our platform.
  5. N250.00 monthly subscription
  6. If you have a shop/outlet we provide branding for you anywhere in Nigeria.

We see you as a stakeholder and want you to always suggest ways you think we can serve you better and make your business successful.

We will make available a Data Capture form to you to be filled and returned online.

Thank you for joining us.


Best Regards

NijaRecharge Team.

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